More Than Just Fishing

More than just fishing. Two friends and their pursuit of a challenge.

Hands on Deck Fishing started with two friends, their lifelong passion for fishing, and the aspiration to share their love for the sport with others. In discussing ways to share their love for the sport of fishing and how to incorporate the principles learned at sea, Michael and Lawrence focused on a cumulation of design and ethic as the foundation of H.O.D. Fishing. Derived from naval origins, Hands on Deck Fishing Company’s name embodies the challenges of each adventure, the fight for the fish, and the bonds and teamwork formed onboard.

The challenge: Often underestimated, the challenge of the fight, the adrenaline that’s produced from it, and the unwavering will to win was always the primary motivator to climb aboard. 

The fight: the back aching, huffing, and puffing fight of landing a desirable fish. Proving once again that the best things in life don’t come easy.

The bonds: the conversations, and new friendships forged along the way.  Fishing served as a communion, creating life-long friendships, strengthening families, and creating everlasting memories.

The teamwork, necessary for a successful catch.  Landing a fish goes far beyond the person standing tall behind the rod and reel.  From the captain to the deck hands to all the anglers aboard, a successful fishing trip requires communication, accountability, and pursuit towards a common goal.

Revel in the rough and be the master of your sea. Bag ‘em and tag ‘em.